Shrine of St. Therese Chapel Renovation

Catholic Diocese of Juneau
419 6th Street
Juneau, Alaska  99801

Updated - June 8, 2005

A. E. Rogers Architects, LLC
P.O. Box 34401
Juneau , AK 99803



Alan E. Rogers, R.A., Principal



Architectural Sheets
A0        Cover
A1        Demolition Floor Plans
A2        Demolition Roof Plan
A3        New Work Floor Plans
A4        New Work Roof Plan
A5        Building Section & Exterior Elevations
A6        Window Types & Exterior Elevations
A7        Details
A8        Details
A9        Details
A10      Schedules
A11      Door Photos
A12      Interior Elevations
A13      Specifications


Inspection Report No. 1 (Revised 4-20-05)
Photo Page 1
Photo Page 2
Photo Page 3
Photo Page 4
Photo Page 5

Inspection Report No. 2 (6-3-05)
Photo Page 1
Photo Page 2
Photo Page 3

Inspection Report No. 3 (6-8-05)
Photo Page 1
Photo Page 2
Photo Page 3
Photo Page 4


Structural Sheets

All Structural shown on Architectural sheets

Mechanical Sheets  FINAL

M1    Schedules, Symbols
M2    Demolition Floor Plan
M3    Floor Plans
M4    Building Section, Building Elevations, Enlarged Plan
M5    Details, Diagrams, Specifications
M6    Specifications
M7    Controls

Electrical Sheets  FINAL

E1    Legend, Notes, Trench Detail, Single Line
E2    Site Lighting Plan
E3    Demolition Plan
E4    Chapel Power Plan
E5    Chapel Lighting Plan
E6    Schedules, Choir Loft Plan
E7    Luminaire Schedule, Ext. Lighting, Control Schematic
E8    Specifications
E9    Specifications

Asbestos Abatement Specifications

Indicates Updated Sheet: (0-00-05)


All the design drawings shown on this web site are for review purposes only. They are not to be used for construction. Only signed, sealed plans to be used for construction.

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